The Family Photoshoot: Capturing Lasting Memories

When our son was born, we began a new tradition several days later: the family photoshoot.
Up until my little man arrived, we had worked with professional photographers for our engagement, and our wedding. Then our first little bundle of love appeared, and it was easy to remember the importance of capturing moments because everything was starting to feel SO fleeting!
This was our first shoot in Minneapolis, and our son was 14 days old. My children look adorable in photos but did not take naturally to photoshoots; on this day, J pooped not once, not twice, but THREE times at the photographer’s house, staying awake the entire time and soiling the majority of the clothing I brought for him to wear. Ah, #newparentproblems.
A year later, we marked his first birthday with a shoot in the park with Daniel Sevilla.
We felt like old pros. J wore a custom shirt, we all coordinated in blue, and Daniel was smart enough to bring toys to shake by the camera to get this little man’s attention.
J celebrated 2 years of age, and we brought Daniel back for a big family photo session to mark both the birthday and our announcement that we were expecting again!
Fall 2016, we welcomed our second child, and headed up to the mountains east of San Diego with Mother Wolf Photography to create memories of our first days as a tribe of four.
Once again, our sweet new babe had no intention of sleeping, and managed to destroy a beautiful blanket *cringe* but despite our challenges, Chantianna got some images we will treasure forever.
That brings us to our latest photoshoot with the lovely Missy of Capture Awe Imagery. We just got the pictures back, and I have been DYING to see them. If you follow me on Instagram, you know this was a challenging one, thanks to two excited kids and a whole lot of distractions down at San Diego’s Seaport Village.


Photos Courtesy of Capture Awe Imagery
She captures our essence easily, even with kids who did not have any particular interest in listening that day. We are SO happy with how the photos turned out!
So, as you can see, we’ve done our fair share of photo shoots and worked with some truly amazing photographers. In my next post, I’m going to dive into my top tips for pulling off a great family photo. Stay tuned!
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