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OK . . . so if you live in San Diego, you know the weather of late has been absolutely dreary. No, I’m not comparing it to the Midwest with record snowfall or the East Coast with their below-zero temperatures. We have, however, had a highly unusual number of very gloomy and rainy days (and some spectacular rainbows.)

Therefore, all I’ve wanted to do is bake and make variations of my favorite hot chocolate (milk, cocoa powder, and agave, with an indulgent pile of whipped cream on top.) Luckily, I now have a solid lineup of the best and dreamiest cookies on the internet. I wanted to compile them in one place so that you can enjoy them as much as I do.

I didn’t find these recipes JUST for this post; I’ve made all of these cookies/bars/brownies, and some, I’ve made well over a dozen times. They are approachable and easy, even for the non-baker. For many of them, I’ve been able to recruit my little ones as kitchen helpers. They love mixing and dumping in ingredients. If you aren’t afraid of a little mess, it is a joyful family activity.

All right, enough talking. Here are my favorite cookie recipes on the internet, and all credit goes to these lovely bloggers, chefs, recipe creators, etc., who came up with the delightful little morsels. When you pop one in the oven, drop me a line below. Happy baking!

Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

When Monique says these are the best, she’s not kidding. This cookie from Ambitious Kitchen is my go-to recipe for all things parties, kids, entertaining, etc. They are universally beloved by anyone who appreciates a darn good cookie with a ridiculous (and perfectly appropriate) amount of chocolate.

ambitious kitchen brown butter cookies
Photo Courtesy: Ambitious Kitchen

Chocolate Chip Cookie Skillet

Are you familiar with the Pizookie? You can make it better . . . in your own home . . . and eat the ENTIRE DANG THING. Fit Mitten Kitchen’s Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie is a dream, and all you need is a mini cast iron skillet. It’s a solid investment, since you’re going to be making this recipe at least once a month, right??

I mean, would you just look at it?!?!?!

Photo Courtesy: Fit Mitten Kitchen
Photo Courtesy: Fit Mitten Kitchen

Protein Buckeyes

Sometimes, the best cookie comes in ball form. They’re called energy balls, but they’re also a treat, a protein boost, and dessert. Or a snack. Or, if you eat enough of them, a meal! I think I’m getting carried away.

FitFoodieFinds buckeyes
Photo Courtesy: FitFoodieFinds

NY Times Salted Tahini Chocolate Chip Cookiesh

These cookies from the New York Times incorporate tahini, which is roasted sesame seeds. If you’ve never tried the stuff, it is basically magic. It can add depth and nutty flavor to both savory and sweet dishes of all kinds. Combined with a little oil, garlic, and lemon juice, it makes one of my favorite salad dressings of all time. And in a cookie, well, it’s astoundingly good. Find the recipe here.

Sweet Potato Snacking Bread

Jeannette Ogden, also known as ShuttheKaleUp on Instagram, crafted one of the most amazingly delicious and simple dessert bread recipes. From the first time I made it, I was hooked. No, it’s not a cookie, but it tastes like one, and it pulls it off without any flour, butter, etc. Roast a sweet potato in the microwave, and you are off to the races!

See her Instagram post with the recipe here.

Hazelnut Chocolate Chip Brown Butter Blondies

This recipe is the reason I keep hazelnuts in my pantry at all times . . . just in case. One thing you likely learned about me the second you saw this article is that I do not mess around, in general, with desserts that do not incorporate chocolate. Yes, lemon bars and whatever are fine, but can you dip them in chocolate? If you can, that’s a win in my book.

Photo Courtesy: Bake or Break

Well, there you have it. These lovely recipes can transform a dreary day and make your house smell like buttery, chocolate-y heaven. I want to know: What is your favorite cookie recipe EVER? Share in the comments below!

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