Big Girls Like Clothing Too: The Best Plus-Size Fashion

Ladies, we are in the middle of a clothing revolution.
Are any of my readers in their thirties, and remember what it was like to try to shop for plus-size clothing as teenagers? It DID. NOT. EXIST.
Now, not only are there choices, but they are FABULOUS. Sporty, trendy, romantic, boho, glamorous… companies are creating clothing for big girls and they are making it FASHION.
Below are my top picks for plus-size fashion wear, with a note on general price points. Some brands make more sense for a special night out, while others are ideal for everyday wear. This is not a sponsored post, and these brands did not pay me to be featured. I just love them!
Photos Courtesy: Eloquii
Eloquii is a must for the office girl or someone on the hunt for the perfect fall cocktail dress. If you’re not already following them on social media, do it, because they hold giveaways all the time. Eloquii is also in the process of opening several brick-and-mortar stores, and creates pop-up spaces in major cities too!

Photos Courtesy: RenttheRunway


Rent the Runway is a couture gown rental site – I used them for two weddings a couple of years ago, and plan to use them again for every major event in my life. They were that awesome.
The site employs stylists who can curate lists of gowns for your needs – are you plus-size, pregnant, or have a particular body shape? Do you need something petite, or for an athletic build? They’ve got you covered. I was sent a list of 10-15 gowns to choose from, and I felt like an absolute princess in my final selection. The gowns featured in the gallery above all come in plus sizes.

Photos Courtesy: Astra Signature

My newest discovery, Astra Signature, is being featured at CurvyCon this week and offers clothing for women sizes 14-24. They feature a truly wide range of clothing, including athletic gear and some adorable dresses for fancy occasions.
Their stuff trends younger than the other selections on my list, but Forever 21 Plus can still be counted on to deliver really great basics like tank tops, and bomb maxi dresses. They’ve added plus-size sections to many of their stores, too — which is appreciated because so many brands hide their bigger selections online!
That’s a wrap-up of some of my favorite plus-size clothing brands. Amazon is beginning to feature some really nice plus-size fashion, and you can even find great basics in spots like Groupon if you look hard enough. Perhaps sometime I’ll put together a “chic on a budget” roundup as well!

Daphne Gaghagen

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