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Before I Met You

A poem to my unborn son Before I met you, you were a shadow. In the corner of my eye, darkening my …

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The Bitter Heart

Standing at the kitchen window in a splash of yellow light Shucking a head of lettuce quietly, shifting from foot to …

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Indigo The wash on the walls Dripping into lotus leaves and curled cattails Infused in limestone Surrounded by prayer Sun yellow Surrounded by ice Sipped in quiet Enveloped …

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This is all I can be, she thought to herselfMy legs and my arms and my head and my tired …

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Sometimes It’s Hard

Sometimes it’s hardTo tighten the wordsSo they don’t slip out wrong So they don’t maim or killPerhaps spill a little bloodPerhaps …

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Magic Green Sauce

Every once in a while I manage to come up with something so deceptively simple that I end up making …

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